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This scratch card is one new kid on the block as compared to other means of gambling. The bunch of first scratch cards was invented and printed in 1974. The fact still remains that the US got the patents for the scratch card lottery system. The rise of popularity of the scratch card can be credited to the fact that they have low price and very quick results. This was the reason that many other games of such card use came into existence and shot to fame.

The card earlier had many themes like sports, car events etc. The game was then changed as per the changing times to match the other gambling games like roulette and blackjack.  But as the case is with the modern day technology, it changed the parameters here too. A single card could be used to play many games without any change in the rules of the games. The complexity involved in the way to this level was removed by the software engineers.

The exciting part in the scratch card galore was not just cash prizes but other cool gadgets and accessories were also doled out to the winning participants. This was a new experience for the gambling fraternity. As is the case with most of the casino gambling games, scratch cards too found a virtual version on the internet to be available online to the connoisseurs of gambling.

The simplicity is so enticing that people who are not regular gamblers too find it attractive. All you have to do is buy cards and scratch them to find similar images on any 3 cards to win prizes. The amount of money spent buying the card is one factor that has an effect on the end result. Novices would love to get indulged in these type of easy games.
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