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Craps is one of the classical games played in casino which is the simplification of the old game of Hazard played by English people.  The game is totally filled with fun and excitement to the core There is shooting or rolling dice in which players play against each other or like casino craps in which they play against the bank. The game that came to US got a little makeover to come to the form which we see now. Bank craps is one variant of the game that is played by many players betting against the casino. The casinos decide the payouts for the bets. In craps the player throwing dice known as the shooter. The players have to place their chips where they think according to the rules.

The game may look like intimidating but is relatively very simple. That’s the reason that it got instant takers in the online casino field. You can have thorough knowledge of the game with the free version. There are many tips available on the game of craps that helps the relatively new people to understand the game. 

The people who wish to join a game in between and not to be a shooter need to check the  ‘on’ button with the dealer is on any of the points. The craps table is a specially made table with points displaying several betting possibilities. The table of craps at a casino is controlled by up to 4 employees, boxman for guarding the chip and supervising dealer, 2 are base dealers standing to the either side of the boxman for collecting and paying the bets and the last is the stick man standing at the opposite of the boxman and announces the result of the roll and collects the dice.


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