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Poker is a popular game in the casinos world over due to fact that they have to play with great skill of intuition, strategy, patience and as is usual with gambling games luck is required too. The Persian game nus may the one that has given us the game of poker as the history is not very clear. Still many argue it to have evolved from English bragg or French game brelan.

New Orleans were the game of poker was first played in US with a 20-card deck and 4 players betting on who had the best hand, then the English deck was involved in it. The new additions were important to keep attracting the gambling lovers to the game and increase the bets. Slowly and steadily the game spread to the other parts of the world as we know it has become a phenomenon.

Though online version of Online poker is new but still the game has millions of followers to make it a sensation there too. The internet loving young blood got instantly attracted as the gambling value of poker remained the same. The fact that you can play for free or small amount on net has only added to the pros of the game. The world series of poker got its winner who was an online player and won $8 million, this really shot the popularity of the game.

The family of poker includes a few games like stud or razz, five card draw, Texas hold’em poker but the objective remains the same to end up as the player having the strongest hand. The game can be played with two to ten players depending on the game. To get the game your way a great deal of strategizing is required on the player’s part.


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