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One of the hugely popular games for gambling world is the roulette. This game has been the part of many movies and the quintessential view in any casino the world over. Both the American as well as European continents have their own version of this wheel based game but still the roulette is an equally celebrated game in both. This game has a huge role of mathematics in its evolution along with the thrill of gambling. “Little wheel” in French is what roulette has got its name from, though there were people who claimed its Chinese origin without nay solid proof. There are three regular versions of roulette available, the French, the American and the European. The European version has the French roulette as its forefather.

The bet can be placed by the player on a specific number or gamebookers bonus code or a series. The roulette wheel has two colors involved, black and red. This helps make a bet along with the number being odd or even. The wheel spins and the ball is dropped in to roll by the croupier against the direction of the wheel. When the ball has lost all the momentum it settles in a numbered and colored pocket. This is what decides the winner. Here it is inevitable to mention the difference between French and American roulette. French (including the European version) has 37 pockets and the American one has 38. The Americans added an extra slot of zero to effectively increase the chance of the house. The betting rules just got simpler.

Other than the above told change roulette was more or less the same all over the years since its inception. The fact that saved it from much of change was the existence of the excitement and thrill in the game which need not be tampered much.


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