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The popularity of games like keno is depending on the fact that these are very easy to understand and play.  Keno is the easiest of casino games to play and the ubiquitous nature has only added to the glory of the game. Its almost the same as the state lottery, which is pretty easy of course. This is the reason you can spot it in any of the casinos in Las Vegas. Not just the ease of play but the possibility of high payout can also be the reason for its attraction as a mere bet of single dollar can earn you upto $50,000(can here the whopping sound).

Having resemblance to the game of lotto, keno came to the US in the 1800’s along with the Chinese who were the originators of the game. Get this straight, like other casino favorites keno has no cards involved in it. Playing involves the selection for at least 4 and at the most 10 numbers which are called the spots. The numbers you denotes the game you play. Like if you pick 4 then it’s a 4-spot keno you are playing.  The winning numbers will be randomly selected and the spots will be matched with the winning numbers to come at the conclusion about how much have you won. In ten-spot keno, you may even win if not a single of your numbers match the winning numbers; well it sure is similar to lottery.

There are 2 ways to play keno; one is in Vegas where the casinos have lounges with screen to display the numbers and keno runners to help the customers with the game in the crowd.

Then there are the video kenos played everywhere which also has the benefit of time saving with the huge payouts to go with.

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