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Blackjack if not the most popular must still be the one to give the best a stiff run for its money. There are not many casino goers who don’t play blackjack for the sake of the sheer pleasure that the game has in it. Vingt-et-un ( the French name for Blackjack) is virtually a game of comparing played with the dealer played with at least one or may be more deck of French cards.

Well the game does not entirely is of French origin as it has relation to the game 21 which is not known much. It has mention in the works of Miguel de Cervantes of Don Quixote fame. The game of Blackjack has also inspired other casino games like pontoon and Spanish 21.

Blackjack is not just the choice of casino mongers in the real world, its sheer simplicity and ease of play has got it fame in the virtual world of online gaming too. It is played against a dealer at eh table and there may be numerous other players trying their hand too but they are of no consequence to the others as each one is playing as a single man against the dealer. One thing that has to be mentioned is the problem faced due to different rules and variants that are present, the player need to get acquainted with the rules of that particular casino to stay away from ambiguity.

The player has to get as close to the 21 mark as possible without exceeding it to beat the dealer. The value of the two cards dealt to the player is added to derive the value of the hand. The game is started once the bets are placed by the players.  Cards 2-10 have face value and face cards are valued at 10. Suits are inconsequential. Ace is either 1 or 11 points.

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