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Basically backgammon is a very old game that has been played by people for centuries over the world. Though, with time the name has got many makeovers but backgammon as the real old game relates to the game of antiquity. The names varied as per the place it was being played in but the present name came somewhere in 1930’s in the country of England. The rules were not substantial; until the 1750’s.  The doubling cube was a part later on added by the Americans in the 1920’s.

The game is really easy as there are two players who have fifteen pieces each (called checkers or pawns) that are moved between the twenty four points on the board starting with the roll of dice. The highest roll has to go first at the start of play. As the game is started the players are supposed to throw two dice. The ultimate aim of the players is to outdo the opponent by bearing off the board that is to move all the pieces off it

Sound really simple isn’t it, but there is a catch. The trying part is that the pieces are distributed and the chances of blocking opponent’s pieces also exist, this is a strategic part of the game of back gammon online.

The board has two sides with twelve alternating colored elongated triangles that represent points. These have been given numbers from 1-24, and the pawns are to be always moved from the higher to the lower number. Both players are required to move opposite directions.

The doubling cube has the exciting part as it helps to raise the stakes (points or money depending on the game) of game. When the game is on yourt side use the doubling cube to raise the stake, your opponent has either to accep or to concede the online slots games.


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