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Game of bingo has over 60 million players all around the earth as the game is one of the most likely favorite pastime. Bingo game is sure a lovely game requiring luck and patience to connect while looking for and hearing numbers. It is a kind of meeting excuse, for friends and new people in a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. That’s why it’s not surprising that the average player who plays bingo is a female of the age 30-60 and situated in North American region. For most of the players in Free bingo is never leaving part of their life. Their routine involves playing bingo.

Now the people who can’t reach the bingo halls have a solution available, the bingo. Many may ask what’s so exciting or will the bingo have the same satisfaction which is derived with relatives and friends? Take it this way that the bingo has its pro which mainly highlights the chance to meet new people as the borders are torn apart.

To play the game of bingo follow the numbers shouted out by the host and coordinate them with the sheet of yours eventually reading the filling in as bingo. The pattern for the game is announced at the beginning of the game which in most cases is vertical or horizontal line. Shout bingo as you make the pattern and then you win

The game is easy to understand as a sheet is provided to the players with 6 cards having ninety numbers. All the Bingo cards are of format 9 columns with 3 rows that is total 27 unrepeated numbers.

The virtual bingo game has the same basics as the real one just that there is no need of shouting the computer flashes if you complete.


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