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Craps is a game of dice. It is similar to a gambling or betting. Players can vouch for money which are called street craps or they can be played at a casino. It is basically a casino game with a number of bets involved. To name some, we have the Pass Bet, Don’t Pass Line, Come Bet, Don’t Come Bet, Free Odds Bet, Field Bet and so on.

Online craps are the most popular games that can be played on the internet today. Today, there are free craps and free online craps available. These are based on sophisticated software using Flash techniques and java based programs. They are a revolution in the world of internet gaming. There is no limit to how much one can play. There is also no cost to downloading the software. All are available at the mere click of a button. There are software that teach you how to play the game in a systematic and comprehensive manner.

The popularity of the game dates back to the times of the Romans. The main idea here is to predict the result of rolling a dice. The dice is rolled on a craps table. The combined number from both the dice are taken. Depending on the number, the player may win the game, lose the game or proceed to the subsequent round of throwing the dice.

The point in the game where the action begins is called the ” Come out Roll”. In a new game of craps, this is the first roll played by the player or shooter. This will determine as to whether the player wins, loses or continues the game. The marker decides which stage the game is in. Usually the game involves betting and the bet gets decided upon even before the first roll is made.

High roller craps are becoming more and popular. Depending on the way, the rules are followed, strategies used and how smartly one plays, one can make a fast buck. There are casinos meant for playing High Roller Craps. If one wins, they can win big. High Roller Craps thus not only involve risk and excitement, but are very profitable if the player is experienced and skilled. So it is ideal to make a huge amount of money in a small amount of time of course subject to risks.

When it comes to High Stakes Craps or High Limit Craps again, a lot of risk is to be encountered. With increased number of bets, proper tactics applied, one can achieve big amounts of prize money. But profit to one, is naturally loss to the other. So the risk factor is of great concern here. One has to be very careful and prepared while deciding to go for this. There are many casinos which offer betting limits at the craps table. They have fixed the maximum amount of bet and the table limit. Some offer a maximum betting amount but no table limit. Table limit is usually calculated for every roll of the dice.

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